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Hijuku E-Liquids Gettin’ Juicy Weekly Giveaway – Wild Bill’s & Mr. Vapor

hijuku e-liqid

Gettin’ Juicy with Hijuku E-Liquids

Gettin’ Juicy is back for all our vape family out there! This week Hijuku e-liquids is the featured brand. Hijuku is made by the makers of Air Factory. So, you already know they are going to be delicious candy flavors!

This is your chance to score a free bottle of Hijuku! You don’t want to miss your chance to win a FREE bottle of Hijuku e-liquid. Participating in the Gettin’ Juicy Giveaway is really simple. You’ll want to head over to Instagram and follow the Wild Bill’s and Mr. Vapor pages.

How to Enter & Win the Gettin’ Juicy Giveaway

In order to win the Gettin’ Juicy giveaway, you will have to enter the contest on Instagram. Once you get there you will need to do three things to enter:

  1. Follow @wildbillstobacco and/or @mr.vapor on Instagram
  2. Purchase an e-juice from Keep It 100 (featured brand)
  3. Like the contest post and post a picture of new e-juice with hashtag #wbtgettinjuicy and/or #mvgettingjuicy

Prize: One 100ml bottle of Hijuku e-liquid!

The winner will always be announced that following Monday. Look for the 3 winners for the Gettin’ Juicy with Hijuku to be announced Monday, June 25th.

hijuku e-liquid

Gettin’ Juicy Giveaway Rules

  • Follow ALL steps to enter the giveaway correctly
  • Be 18 years or older to enter
  • Winner must pay 1 transaction fee
  • Michigan resident
  • Must be willing to pick prize up at local Wild Bill’s or Mr. Vapor


Hijuku New Flavors – Puckered & Tropic

Tell your taste buds to pack their bags because they are going on a flavor adventure. The new candy-inspired flavors are both sour and sweet.

Puckered and Tropic are two flavors you are not going to want to miss out on. Don’t neglect your taste buds like that. They deserve the amazing flavors that Hijuku Puckered and Tropic offer.

hijuku e-liquid puckered

Hijuku – Puckered

The Puckered flavor packs the perfect combination of sweet and sour. The sour may even make your mouth puckered, but then it is followed by the sweet candy flavor.

You will get full thick clouds filled with flavor. From the inhale to exhale, Hijuku takes your taste buds for a ride up and down the sweet and sour flavor spectrum.

hijuku e-liquid tropic

Hijuku – Tropic

The Tropic flavor tastes like tropical fruit plucked straight from the source. Add that with candy taste and you have a tropical getaway for your taste buds. The flavor profile is the perfect infusion of exotic berries and pineapples.

The tropical flavors start with the inhale and last all the way through the exhale. Leaving your taste buds buzzing with exotic tropical flavors.

Future Gettin’ Juicy Giveaways

Be on the lookout each week for a new Gettin’ Juicy e-juice. Each week you will have the chance to win a bottle of your choice from that brand. All you have to do is complete and follow the rules on the Wild Bill’s and Mr. Vapor Instagrams.

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