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My Father Toro Gordo Box Pressed – Wild Bill’s Cigar of the Week 10/1/18

My Father Toro Gordo

Wild Bill’s Cigar of the Week

The Cigar of the Week this week is the My Father Toro Gordo Box Pressed. My Father is known for their exquisite blends and prestigious brands across the cigar industry. Their origins go back to the founder, Don Garcia’s Cuban heritage. The My Father brand has grown with the addition of Don Garcia’s son Jamie to the business.

The My Father cigar is the king of the Garcia’s operation, which was blended by Jamie in honor of his father!

My Father Toro Gordo Box Pressed

The My Father is a work of art from one end to another. The packaging to the Nicaraguan blend with a touch of Havana represents the Garcia’s Cuban roots. The My Father is a top cigar in many collections. With an amazing full-bodied blend that produces a rich flavor with just the right amount of kick. Once you enjoy a My Father Toro Gordo Box Pressed you will know why it’s the premier cigar of the My Father brand.

The production of the cigar is second to none. With a Cuban seed wrapper grown in Ecuador by the world famous Oliva Tobacco Co, the My Father has rich Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos to complete this blend.

You can expect a heavy spide during your first puffs before a balance of earthy, leather notes grace your taste buds. From the start to finish, the My Father is a cigar that will leave you satisfied. The 87 rating from Cigar Aficionado proves that this cigar is definitely worth trying.

My Father Toro Gordo Box Pressed

My Father Toro Gordo Box Pressed







My Father Toro Gordo

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