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NEW PRODUCT ALERT: Bill’s Salted Premium E-Juice Collection

Introducing Bill’s Salted E-Juice

Wild Bill’s understand the love for salt based e-liquids.

That is why we have developed and released our own line of nic salt e-liquids. For those of you that prefer nic salts to freebase liquids Bill’s Salted is perfect for you.

The difference between nic salts and nicotine e-juices all starts with the manufacturing process. The team at Wild Bill’s carefully selected ingredients to fuse with our premium freebase nicotine. This gives Bill’s Salted a much smoother and cleaner taste than other free base nicotine e-juices.

Bill’s Salted comes in both 35mg and 50mg nicotine content in 30ml bottles and has a price of $17.99 per bottle.

Where to Buy

The Bill’s Salted Collection can be found at any Wild Bill’s Tobacco or Mr. Vapor location. To find your nearest Wild Bill’s visit our location finder.

For more information on Mr. Vapor visit their website.

Bill’s Salted Flavors

Water Drop
Watermelon Raspberry Grapefruit

Bill's Salted Water Drop

Sunny Burst
Orange Nectarine Squares

Piney Bear
Pineapple Gummy Bear

Peachy Blue
Blueberry Peach Apple

Summer Taffy
Strawberry Orange Pineapple Taffy

Bill's Salted Summer Taffy

Cookie Razz
Raspberry Butter Cookie

Bill's Salted Cookie Razz

Blue Limon
Blueberry Lemon Tart

Bill's Blue Limon

Carnival Fruit
Strawberry Cotton Candy

Bill's Salted Carnival Fruit

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