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Wild Bill’s Now Carries Prometheus Cigars & Accessories

Prometheus Cigars & Accessories

Prometheus started out as a small lighter company based out of Los Angeles, CA in 1992. Since then, Prometheus cigars and accessories have evolved into a global cigar company that preaches a passion for excellence.

Their premium luxury cigars and accessories are designed for the modern day aficionados. Prometheus has a premium product collection that will impress any cigar lover. With a complete collection of fine cigar accessories featuring: ashtrays, cigar cutters, humidors, leather cigar cases, and lighters.

Prometheus also founded a sister company, God of Fire, which has created their own cigars featuring: Angelenos, Fuente Ages Selections, God of Fire and Sencillo.

Prometheus is now sold in the finest cigar shops in 25 countries and is known worldwide. Their superb quality and modern designs make them one of the most premier cigars and cigar accessory companies in the world.

Prometheus Cigar Accessories

Any cigar aficionado knows that quality cigar accessories are needed for various reasons. All of which aim to make the cigar smoking experience more enjoyable and memorable. That’s exactly what Prometheus cigar accessories provide for those looking to take their passion for cigars to the next level.

Prometheus Ashtrays

A Prometheus ashtray will add luxury and elegance to your smoking your room or where ever you enjoy your cigars. These ashtrays are made with premium materials and are available in bone china, ceramic, crystal, and metal.

Prometheus even releases limited edition ashtrays for those looking for something extra special.

Prometheus Cutters

Prometheus cigar cutters are made with the finest materials giving you the perfect cut on each cigar. The uniqueness of Prometheus cigar cutters combines elegance and efficiency with a luxurious design.

Prometheus Humidors

The Prometheus humidor collection consists of six different series:

Limited Edition (Collector’s Item),
Platinum Series (150 cigar size, rare and luxury veneers, superb quality)
Milano Series (50 and 100 cigar sizes, great quality and value)
Octagon Series (50 and 100 cigar sizes, 8-sided, great quality, and value)
Travel Series (10 cigars, protective travel case)
Compact Portable Series (no humidifier needed, affordable). Prometheus humidors are known worldwide for their superb quality and beauty. They will keep your priceless cigar collection in the most ideal environment.

Prometheus Leather Cigar Cases

If you are someone who enjoys a nice cigar on the go from time to time, it is of utmost importance to have safe storage. Prometheus has leather cigar cases that not only protect your cigars but will keep them fresh and ready to go. No matter the type or size of your cigar, Prometheus has a case that will be perfect for you.

Prometheus Cigar Lighters

The history of Prometheus lighters represents cutting-edge designs and groundbreaking innovations. Prometheus lighters are built to last and can be repaired.

They are not disposable products but timeless classics. Twenty-Five years have passed since the inception of the Prometheus brand. Prometheus is still very passionate about making lighters and excited about continuing our tradition of innovation and creative designs.

Prometheus Cigars

Prometheus developed a sister company, God of Fire to produce and offer premium cigars. To date, they have produced four brands all with their own premium features and craftsmanship: Angelenos, Fuente Aged Selection, God of Fire, and Sencillo.


Made with Ecuadorian wrappers and Dominican fillers and binder at Tabacalera A. Fuente y Cia. in the Dominican Republic, Angelenos cigars combine the smoothness and sophistication of the City of Angels with a touch of the boldness that made the city what it is today.

Fuente Aged Selection

A cigar the truly gets better as it ages. There is a good chance that the filler, binder and wrapper leaves are all harvested in different years. The year on the second bands signifies when the cigars were produced. You can track how long these Fuente Aged Selection cigars have been aged since their production from the year on the second band.

God of Fire

In 2004, the God of Fire cigars were first introduced with the majestically crafted, limited edition humidors produced by Prometheus. Since then, the God of Fire cigars has been released in their signature red and black boxes imprinted with the painting of Prometheus Bound. Cigar connoisseurs all over the world have given the God of Fire cigars raving reviews.


Sencillo cigars were inspired by this love of simple pleasures. Pronounced “sen-see-yo,” Sencillo is the Spanish word for “simple.” Both of the Sencillo brands, Sencillo Platinum and Sencillo Black, have a rich, relaxing, thoroughly enjoyable flavor. Yet they are distinctly different cigars.

Sencillo Platinum is produced in Danli, Honduras, mostly from tobaccos grown nearby.

Sencillo Black comes from Esteli, Nicaragua, and is made largely with tobacco from that region.

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