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Acid Cartel Exclusive – Wild Bill’s Cigar of the Week 9/10/18

Acid Cartel Exclusive

Wild Bill’s Cigar of the Week

We have something special for you for this week’s Cigar of the Week. The Wild Bill’s team went and found a cigar that is sure to raise some eyebrows. Not only is this cigar rated 5-stars, but it is also exclusive to Wild Bill’s. With that being said, allow us to introduce the Acid Cartel Wild Bill’s exclusive Cigar of the Week.

The good people over at Drew Estate and Acid have designed the Acid Cartel specifically as a Wild Bill’s exclusive. If you are a fan of Acid cigars or looking to try something new, then you will want to give this cigar a try.

Acid Cartel Wild Bill’s Exclusive

Acid Cigars by Drew Estate have been known to push the envelope when it comes to cigar innovation. They feature one of a kind blends, flavors, and aromas from around the world. This has allowed Acid Cigars to quickly gain the attention of cigar smokers.

The combination of premium Nicaraguan filler tobacco and the infusion of essential oils into the cigar provide the smoker with an unmatched aroma and flavor. The Acid Cartel provides a smoking experience like no other. This handmade cigar holds a new world of flavors in tobacco curing.

If you are looking for something new and different in your cigar, then you will want to try this cigar. You can find the Acid Cartel exclusively at your local Wild Bill’s Tobacco.

Acid Cartel Cigar

Acid Cartel Wild Bill’s Exclusive







Acid Cartel Exclusive

Wild Bill’s Cigar Selection

The Wild Bill’s Cigar of the Week is a great way to find a new cigar to try. The Acid Cartel is our first exclusive cigar. Wild Bill’s could not be more excited to team up with a brand like Acid and Drew Estate.

Wild Bill’s carries the top cigars from around of the world. All of our locations have their own humidor keeping the cigars as fresh as possible. Some of our locations even offer cigar lounges were you can relax and enjoy a smoke right inside our store.

Keep a look out each week for a new cigar. Check out the past Cigars of the Week for other recommendations.

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