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Air Factory E-Liquids Gettin’ Juicy Weekly Giveaway – Wild Bill’s & Mr. Vapor

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Gettin’ Juicy With Air Factory E-Liquids

Na na na na na na na nana gettin’ juicy with it. Are you ready vapers? Let’s go! It is time for our weekly Getting Juicy e-juice giveaway! Each week we feature an e-juice brand that you can win a bottle from. This week we are featuring Air Factory e-liquids and their two new flavors, Melon Lush and Berry Rush.

The Gettin’ Juicy contest will take place on Wild Bill’s and Mr. Vapor’s Instagram pages. Make sure to follow us there to participate in the contest. You don’t want to miss out on your chance to win a FREE bottle of any Air Factory e-liquids flavor of your choice.

How to Enter & Win the Gettin’ Juice Giveaway

In order to win the Gettin’ Juicy giveaway, you will have to enter the contest on Instagram. Once you get there you will need to do three things to enter:

  1. Follow @wildbillstobacco and/or @mr.vapor on Instagram
  2. Purchase an e-juice from Air Factory (featured brand)
  3. Like the contest post and post a picture of new e-juice with hashtag #wbtgettinjuicy and/or #mvgettingjuicy

Prize: One 100ml bottle of any Air Factory you’d like to try next!

The winner will always be announced that following Monday. Look for the 3 winners for the Gettin’ Juicy with Air Factory to be announced Monday, June 11th.

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Gettin’ Juicy Giveaway Rules

  • Follow ALL steps to enter the giveaway correctly
  • Be 18 years or older to enter
  • Winner must pay 1 transaction fee
  • Michigan resident
  • Must be willing to pick prize up at local Wild Bill’s or Mr. Vapor


Air Factory New Flavors – Melon Lush & Berry Rush

Air Factory is known for spicing up the vape community with their new and unique flavors. They take pride in using the highest quality ingredients. They master their blends to perfection and release only after excessive testing. This ensures your safety and satisfaction!

air factory e-liquid melon rush

Air Factory Melon Lush E-Liquid

Like the other Air Factory flavor, Melon Lush, has candy taffy flavors. Melon Lush is a delicious take on taffy with a burst of sweet, pallette satisfying watermelon.

air factory e-liquid berry rush

Air Factory Berry Rush E-Liquid

Like the other Air Factory flavors, Berry Rush is fruity goodness e-juice your taste buds crave. Berry Rush adds the flavor of juicy berries to the taffy candy taste Air Factory is popular for.

Future Gettin’ Juicy Giveaways

Be on the lookout each week for a new Gettin’ Juicy e-juice. Each week you will have the chance to win a bottle of your choice from that brand. All you have to do is complete and follow the rules on the Wild Bill’s and Mr. Vapor Instagrams.

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