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Drew Estate Undercrown Churchill – Wild Bill’s Cigar of the Week 12/3/18

drew estate undercrown gran

Wild Bill’s Cigar of the Week

This week’s cigar is the Drew Estate Undercrown Churchill!

Drew Estate has paved their way as one of the top cigar companies in the industry. Their extensive collection and portfolio of exquisite cigars are sure to impress any cigar enthusiast.  One of these works of arts is the Undercrown collection.

One of the more popular styles from the Undercrown collection is the Churchill. This vintage style meets the true unique blends from the Undercrown to give us one of the best cigars out.

The Drew Estate Undercrown Churchill has a 91-rating from Cigar Aficionado and was the #25 cigar of the year in 2017.

Drew Estate Undercrown Churchill

The Drew Estate Undercrwon Gran has a unique origin story. The factory rollers at Drew Estate were allowed to smoke any cigar they wanted. The most popular choice was the Liga Privada No.9.

Drew Estate had to tell their rollers to stop burning the blend. The demand was too high and the primings were so rare it had to be removed from the smoke list. So the rollers created their own version of the blend that they could enjoy in the factory. That’s when the Undercrown was born. A high-end cigar for the working man.

The blend has spice with a hint of coffee that becomes more flavorful as the cigar progresses. You can expect a medium to a full-bodied taste with this top quality cigar.

Undercrown Churchill COTW

Drew Estate Undercrown Churchill






Brazil, Nicaragua

Undercrown Churchill

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